Alan Smithee

Modern Warfare 2 Co-op Details

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You can use 2 people in co-op, that’s over…clear out.

Even better for anti-social guys like me it’s not a ‘2 people in the main story mode’ like how Halo and Gears of War has accomplished it in the past…The guys at Infinity Ward say they want to preserve the single player campaign as a SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN, what a novel idea.

On a more serious note, yes there will be a co-op section of the game that they’re calling Special Ops, but it seems more like an add-on to appease all of the people that can’t seem to play games by themselves anymore.

Social gamers: What happened to playing games on your own lonesome? All the people clammoring for multiplayer everything makes me wonder if you still have mommy come in to wipe you clean after you’re done making brown.

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