Ryan Thomason

Mmm. MORE Venture Brothers Toys

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Sphinx suited Brock Samson and Retro Henry Killinger? Yes, Please. I know for sure I’m buying this set just because who doesn’t want a freaking Henry Killinger on their desk? It’s Henry Killinger!

Pre-order here fellow Venture Brother fans!

From the description:

Brock Samson is fully geared up for adventure with this action figure from Bif Bang Pow!. Dressed appropriately in his Sphinx outfit, the former O.S.I. agent and babysitter comes with a knife and grappling hook gun as accessories. Get him while you can!

Mary Poppins, he is not! Never without his “magic murder bag,” Dr. Henry Killinger joins the Venture Bros. collection as this compelling action figure. In addition to the black bag accessory, the skilled businessman/negotiator/supervillain brings an umbrella that complements the rest of his black-and-red outfit, thereby completing his show-accurate attire.

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