Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol – Review

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Disavowed, disbanded, discharged. Now Ethan Hunt and his crew must clear their names and stop a plot to throw the world into nuclear war.

The Kremlin has been bombed, nuclear launch codes disappearing, and Russia is looking at America for blame. To make sure no one thinks it was the USA, the President initiates Ghost Protocol meaning all of the IMF has been disbanded. Now they are planning on taking Ethan and his team into custody to lay the blame for the attack. So now they must pull together to stop the bad guys whilst dodging the Russian authorities, assassins, and cronies galore.

I would have to say that this film had a very different feel than the previous three. MI3 being the closest in style, if any. I would almost liken the haphazard style and great action sequences to a James Bond flick. While watching this the majority of the audience would get so into the film that whenever something crazy happened like a character falling, gunshots whizzing by, narrowly getting hit by a flipping car, or the plethora of other great scenes, you’d see a good portion of them wince, gasp, or twitch. HIGH INTENSITY, NOT FOR THOSE WITH WEAK CONSTITUTIONS.

One thing that I found very different than the previous iterations of Impossible Missions was the level of comedy found in this one. The older ones had maybe a few one liners or a slightly amusing situation, but that was it. Maybe I’m remembering them incorrectly. This movie, however, had tons more comedy strewn about. Simon Pegg being the creator of the majority of it. You’d be sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails, then immediately start busting up. Not something I would have thought to add, but it fit quite well. Tom Cruise’s acting was good as usual. Jeremy Renner was good. Enjoyed his character thoroughly. The only character I was not too fond of was Paula Patton. She wasn’t bad, but from time to time she seemed a little one dimensional and had only one facial expression of angry determination. When she goes undercover and acts like other people she got a little better though.

Still think Mission Impossible 1 is the best, but this is a worthy sequel that doesn’t rely solely on special effects and motorcycle jousting to get your attention.

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