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“Mirrodin Besieged” Prerelease Tournaments January 29th and 30th

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One of the most anticipated sets to come out in Magic in a long while might very well be “Mirrodin Besieged.” Following up to last October’s “Scars of Mirrodin”, “Besieged” will take you to the front lines of the war between Mirrans and Phyrexians. Prerelease tournaments are where you can get your hands on the cards first and for the first time ever, you can actually choose which side of the fence you are on.

This will be a unique event to play in. When “Mirrodin Besieged” prereleases start at the end of the month when you register you’ll have the opportunity to pick your faction and get packs specific to that choice. You will also get what Wizard’s is dubbing an “achievement card”. Usually when you go to a prerelease style tournament, you recieve a unique promo card, for “Besieged” however, there will be two separate “prerelease cards” one for each specific faction.

For the Mirrans you’ll get a Hero of Bladehold card, showing off the new Battle Cry mechanic. A lot of speculation in the Magic rumor circles believe this will be the centerpiece of a powerful new archetype featuring the Knight creature type. I think the card is aggressively cost and definitely has an interesting a fun effect.

For the Phyrexians, we get a Legendary Zombie Elf. Glissa, the Traitor is an interesting card. It’ll be kind of difficult to cast (with 3 specific colored mana), but I think the pay off might be worth it. Particularly if you are playing against someone who is using a lot of really neat artifact creatures. You’ll be able to block with Glissa and then with first strike and deathtouch take down most anything that doesn’t have First Strike themselves.

Each card is foiled and has unique art only available at the prerelease. Click the source link below to find more information on formats and where to find your local prerelease.


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