Alan Smithee

Mini-Vader and The Force

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There are a few ads hitting the YouTubes right now that are meant for consumption this Sunday during the Super Bowl clash between the Packers and the Steelers and I think I might have just found my favorite of the bunch.

I’m not a huge Star Wars geek by any stretch, that honor goes to most of the other writers on the site, but I do enjoy commercials that incorporate really nerdy things with companies I like. I have owned 4 different Volkswagen cars over the years and have always loved their approach to avertising, especially the ones that featured Peter Stormare as a German mad-scientist who urged people to un-pimp das auto…then there’s also the video with the little girl exclaiming BOLLOCKS thanks to observing her dad uttering it often.

The company definitely has a way with their commercials and I’m a fan.

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