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Mini Review – Rango

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It’s about time that I finally got around to seeing this film. I heard such great things about it and well, it finally came in the mail via Netflix last night.

“Rango” is the story of a domesticated lizard who dreams of having a big adventure and yearns for a catastrophic event to come along and whisk him away to a grand and great adventure. It is a typical fish out of water story with roots deep in the Western genre. Johnny Depp plays Rango as he tries to blend in with the inhabatents of “Dirt”, a dried up western town thirsty for water. It is billed as a “kid’s movie” but I disagree. I felt this was a great movie for adults and in some ways kind of inappropriate for smaller children. There are many homages to both the Western genre, Johnny Depp films, and even “Star Wars”. If you wanted to see Depp play his “Hunter S. Thompson” character you’ve come to the right movie. He plays Rango as a kind of neurotic paranoid much like his portrayal in “Fear and Loathing”. I was entertained from the moment the movie started to the very end. The only thing that I was slightly disappointed in was Timothy Olyphant. I’m the biggest Olyphant fan and seeing him in westerns makes me giddy and seeing him in this film for only a few minutes was kind of disheartening. The voice cast is amazing, with Stephen Root and Alfred Molina make memorable characters as well as everyone’s favorite cult leading polygamist Harry Dean Staton.

I would definitely recommend “Rango” to both families (although your kids should be slightly older, say 7 or 8 there are some “scary” bits) and couples alike. Netflix Link


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