Minecraft Pocket Edition Out On Other Android Devices This Week

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It’s been an Xperia Play timed exclusive but the the team at Mojang are now bringing it to the Android marketplace this week. It’ll be this Thursday infact according to the description from the video above, which shows how the game will work with touch controls.

There’s a virtual d-pad for movement which looks like it works well enough and the right hand side of the screen is used to control the camera. Putting down blocks is as simple as tapping where you want them and you delete blocks by holding on them. Another handy addition is autojumping although there is a jump button inside that d-pad for those who want to use it. From what is shown in the video it certainly looks enough like PC Minecraft, even if the Pocket Edition is single player only. The game is out Thursday 29th and it’ll cost just under $7. The demo version gives you access but won’t let you save worlds. I’m guessing Ryan Wilson will probably pick it up. The iOS version is apparently coming soon.

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