Minecraft Mobile

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Not just content to take up all our free time at home, now the creators of Minecraft want to help you get wood on the bus, at work, in the restroom, and at that boring family reunion.

I can’t do it Mojang! I can’t have you invade more of my time without some serious repercussions. Soon there will be moans of zombies from under the bathroom stalls and everywhere else I get a few minutes of free time. It shall be released onto the iOS and Android platforms. The time frame is still pretty ambiguous but they claim it will be released sometime this year. They’ve made a deal with Sony to release it on the Xperia Play before any of the other platforms. I am wondering how they plan to utilize the touchscreens. I initially thought that there would be no way to use a touchscreen for first person movement, but I was recently shown a FPS on a phone that was surprisingly smooth and intuitive. I still think that it may be easier with some sort of mount for a controller. Hopefully it will work out as well as the original.

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