Ryan Wilson

Minecraft is About to Take a Turn for the Slenderman

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Just when I thought that Minecraft couldn’t get any better, they go and do a thing like this!

Mojang has revealed the newest mob attached to the upcoming “Adventure Update” (version 1.8), Endermen, named oh so subtly after the suited terror. This is the first mob attached to the game that can actively change the environment around it, quietly moving blocks of terrain around the world. Endermen are said to be docile creatures…until you stare at them.

Placing your reticle upon the face of an Endermen brings the player into it’s attention, and enrages it. The moment you turn away from it, it will start attacking at breakneck speeds. Think you can outrun it? Think again, as the Endermen can teleport RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

You can send all crapped briefs to Notch when the Adventure Update releases in the near future.

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