Ryan Wilson

Minecraft Creeps into Skyrim’s Release Date

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Notch has finally announced the release date of the “final” version of Minecraft, and it looks like it will be competing with the big dogs.

You heard me right, Minecraft will be leaving its beta status on November 11, the same release date as the guaranteed moneyhat The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Granted that Notch has already made plenty of money off of preorders, the fact that Mojang is comfortable enough with their creation to label it as “ready for the general public” so early in its development (2 years for a game of this scale is peanuts).

Does this mean that Minecraft will stop with the rapid updates once they drop the word “beta”? Absolutely not, promises Minecraft creator Notch, as there are still plenty of ideas and tweaks to be implemented. Cookies, for example, were just added to the game on a whim a day before the last update.

Now is the perfect time to secure your copy. Once November comes around, the game will increase in price 25%.

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