Jill Seale

Minecraft-Con 2011 Could be a Thing That Happens

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Minecraft’s creator, Notch, is gauging interest in a possible convention (in Vegas, baby) to celebrate the official, not beta, super-serious release of his baby on 11/11/11. Today, he’s soliciting opinions from the Twitter hivemind and on his personal blog, he’s holding a poll asking, “Would you pay 90 dollars for a MinecraftCon 2011 in Las Vegas?”

As it stands right now, “No, definitely not” has a commanding lead with 24,375 votes. It’s followed by “Maybe” with 18,889 and “Yes, definitely” with 12,701. Personally, I’m on the fence as to whether I would consider attending even if money were no object (It is totally an object; I checked.). If I were in Vegas, I think the last thing on my mind would be diamond ore and creepers. Wait… Maybe I would be thinking about those things, but not in a Minecraft sense.

Either way, go vote. We might get a con that no one will go to out of it, and it’s your right as a MERRICUN PATRYUT.

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