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Mile High Horror – 10 Indie Shorts

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Mile High Horror

Mile High Horror is a film festival in Denver, CO. that got its start in 2010. It’s mission ‘to showcase the very best genre films from around the world.’ The annual Mile High Horror Festival takes place in the fall while also hosting other events throughout the year. Citadel by Ciaran Foy won Best Feature Film in 2012 and in 2013 We Are What We Are and Haunter were some of their featured films. Currently for rent on Amazon you can check out ten great short films from the Mile High Horror Festival and brought to you by Indie Rights.

If you like watching movies as much as I do chances are you’re growing tired of seeing the same ideas remade over and over. That is why I am always looking for something new and am happy to have stumbled upon these shorts. Short films are where a lot of movies start. They are brought to life at hundreds of film festivals across the globe. Short films help bring new filmmakers into the foreground, allowing fresh ideas to play out on screen and gain attention from a wider audience.

Check out what these 10 shorts have to offer!

 Gillespie - Mile High HorrorGillespie – Directed by John Gibson

Knock knock, who’s there? Oh no one but a bible toting lunatic and his twin brother. This little rapture tells a tale of sin. It’s not the exaltation we have all come to know; the one where the pure are saved from hell on earth. Instead your sins are what bring death to your door in a black and white piece that grants no forgiveness.

You can’t escape these door-to-door messengers!

46 Miles - Mile High Horror46 Miles – Directed by Brad Stabio

Here is one good reason why you shouldn’t hitchhike – Serial Killers. We take the backseat on a ride through the countryside with an unlikely duo. Having only met each other through chance they discover they have a lot more in common than originally anticipated.

Loyal to their ways it’s either ‘my way or the highway’ for this hitchhiker and his lonely highway companion.

Certified - Mile High HorrorCertified – Directed by Luke Asa Guidici

The route is new for this mailman and the neighbors are friendly; some friendly enough to invite you inside, offer you a coca cola and tell you a tale of love, loss and zombies? Going postal is taken to a whole new level when the mailman gets an uninvited surprise. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing him around these parts any time soon.

And I thought I was gullible…

Velvet Road - Mile High HorrorVelvet Road – Directed by L. Gustavo Cooper

An infection is spreading in a different place in time, where those who were persecuted for the color of their skin were the first to be accused. Everyone is dying. Families are being torn apart and it is only just the beginning. Would you risk your life to save the one you love even if they were already dead?

Zombies don’t discriminate.

Nursery Crimes - Mile High HorrorNursery Crimes – Directed by L. Whyte

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep…you won’t believe what happened to them. A stop motion and 2D animation with a not so innocent twist on those childhood nursery rhymes singed into our memories. The narration of this short is reminiscent of readings I’ve heard of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.

Jack didn’t stand a chance.

Bunny Boy - Mile High HorrorBunny Boy – Directed by Brandon Laganke

What would you do if you found a sedentary rabbit on your walk to school? Poke it with a stick or try to nourish the poor helpless animal? Maybe you should just keep on walking. This silent short speaks volumes about stranger dangers and how at any moment one’s life can be changed forever.

If he would have just left that costumed man rabbit alone…

A Little Off The Top - Mile High HorrorA Little Off the Top – Directed by Adam O’Brien

Some life lessons are learned the hard way. When you have everything in life but fail to give anything in return, you’re usually the one who ends up suffering. Take a seat in this hairstylists chair for some words of wisdom and a hairdo worth dying for. His technique is cutting edge and will make your hair stand on end.

Skull caps are in, right?

Incubator - Mile High HorrorIncubator – Directed by Jimmy Weber

Waking up in a hotel room bathtub filled with ice, awesome. Discovering that someone has performed surgery on you and left you with a foot-long set of surgical staples as a souvenir; even more so. Panic comes quickly once you realize that you’re not only sealed inside this hotel room but that you are also not alone. Something stirs inside you.

This is worse than losing a kidney!

White Room - Mile High HorrorWhite Room – Directed by Chris Chitaroni

Another stop motion animation short, this one using mismatched dolls to tell a story about monsters in closets; only this time you’ll never guess who the monster actually is. It’s like Robot Chicken meets Cube meets Devil with a smidge of Cthulhu. Remember that time you used G.I. Joe to murder Barbie? Yeah, this is that. She had it coming.

I just love the blood.

The Table - Mile High HorrorThe Table – Directed by Shane Free

This is the last short of the group but certainly my favorite. History has documented all sorts of strange contraptions built for various reasons and The Table showcases one of them. The execution alone is severe but the road to the sentencing is simple and precise. I have to say though; it’s a pretty sweet table. Anyone want to try it out?

Curiosity killed the cat you know.

So there you have it, The Mile High Horror 10 Indie Shorts! A gentle mix of creativity and costly decisions, the horror in these shorts is subtle and not always what you’d expect. The Mile High Horror Festival is already taking submissions for 2014 and with the track record they’ve had in just the last few years, I’m sure there will be more great shorts to come!

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