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Mikami Shares Vanquish Details

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I think I speak for everyone here, when I quote Robocop -- "DROP IT!"

Vanquish, the new IP being worked on by Platinum Games was first covered by us back in January when we shared the trailer that featured half CG / half Live Action segments giving us a feel for the world in which this game takes place. Now, Shiji Mikami has decided to share a few of the game’s more ‘interesting’ details.

  • First off, the game has been confirmed as a Third Person Shooter, not a FPS like we were originally thinking.
  • It takes place in the near, yet distant future during a war between the US and Russia, not an alien force.
  • There will be no human on human murdering…instead the protagonist will battle robots (a cheap ploy to get a T rating perhaps?).
  • The game will not just be a duck-and-cover shooter, but more of a hide-in-cover-dash-out-beat-em-up action game.
  • Unlike most shooters, there is no “Take a gun/leave a gun” system because all weapons will be integrated into the charater’s suit.
  • The game is 80% finished and is slated to be released this year around winter on the PS3 and Xbox
  • I have to be honest here, my interest in this game just got severly diminished. I don’t have a problem with the beat-em-up elements he’s trying to incorporate into the game…but anytime a game tries to take a moral high ground over another game in its’ genre I get pissed. I can only hope that they make an excellent preview trailer that isn’t just CG footage.

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