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Midnight Secretary: For the Mature Manga Reader

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After many many years of reading manga I, now a mature woman, discovered josei manga. Manga geared more towards late teenage and adult females. Now the magical girls and other shojo manga will always have a special place in my heart. But it sure is nice to read about situations that more relate to my age group, such as having a torrid affair with your vampire boss like in Midnight Secretary by Ohmi Tomu.

Midnight Secretary Volume 1 cover

Midnight Secretary Volume 1 cover

Midnight Secretary
Written: Ohmi Tomu
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: Viz Media
Volumes: 7

Kaya Satozuka is the perfect secretary.  Remarkably professional, incredibly organized, and able to complete the most outrageously daunting tasks giving to her with a smile on her face. Which is what exactly what impressed her new and very demanding boss, Kyouhei Touma. A classic wealthy young playboy, Kyouhei would give Tony Stark a run for his money. Liberally flaunting his affairs, much to the distaste of his new secretary. Until one night when Kaya discovers her boss’s dark secret, he’s a freaking vampire! Kaya’s loyaltiy to her employer goes beyond the call of duty as she not only keeps his secret and helps it cover up, she soon becomes his meal! Blessed or cursed, with a unique blood that can satisfy the vampire with just the smallest drop. Now personally I’d be asking some serious questions about my heritage but being the loyal secretary she is, Kaya willingly becomes Kyouhei’s main food source. As she becomes entangled in a dangerous world and a romance one can’t help but think, sure hope she asked for a raise.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good forbidden romance. Overcoming social standings or culture for the sake of love! This manga hooked me not once but twice with it. The taboo relationship of a secretary and her boss plus the always controversial vampire and human love story, makes for one titillating romance! While not as glittery as the newest generation of vampires, Kyouhei does have the dark and mysterious romance about him. Which makes up for him being kind of a boring character, but his trusty secretary to come in and save the day again. Kaya is one girl you just can’t help but root for. She knows she’s the best girl for the job and even though dismissed by Kyouhei initially for being not enticing enough, she proves her worth at being amazing at her job. Facing each challenge thrown at her, whether it’s jealous vampires or demanding employer, she takes it on with confidence and poise.

Of course what kind of vampire story would this be without the intense intimacy that comes with drinking someone’s blood? The parental advisory definitely come into play as Kaya and Kyouhei’s relationship evolves throughout Midnight Secretary. Some of the more, ah, intense scenes give a prime example of the difference between josei and shojo manga. Caution to those who choose this as public reading material as blushing may occur.

Check out Midnight Secretary and see if being a vampire’s secretary is as intriguing and sexy as it sounds! (Spoiler: it is.)


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