Alan Smithee

Mid-day Ska Song of the Day!

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Ok, so The Aquabats…perhaps the most prolific Ska bands to ever exist in my generation have started to step away from their roots as a ska band and have almost become a pseudo-new wave band in the same fashion as Devo. I don’t really see this as such a bad thing because their newest album Charge! was responsible for great tracks like this one, “Fashion Zombie”.

In the video you see how The Aquabats fight against an enemy they are powerless to stop. No matter what, fashion and style will always make people dress like douches for the sake of having a ‘look’…as is apparent at the end of the video. I just applaud the group for at least trying to dissuade people from choosing a group to be part of…conformity isn’t always the best response to being a teenager.

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