Alan Smithee

Mid-day Ska Song of the Day!

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This one is for our very own RyanWilson, I’ll have a drink in your honor this weekend as I mourn your ladies going back to their lives after spring break, cheers buddy!

Reel Big Fish, as you’ll come to find out, are one of my Ska music guilty pleasures. They’re so delightfully quirky and so commercial at the same time. I really do applaud the group’s ability to stick around when most the world has been done with ska for years. Featured on Turn the Radio Off, the lead singer from Save Ferris worked with our bumbling anti-heroes from RBF and made one of the most catchy tunes I can think of to celebrate the loss of a girl, just make sure you pay close attention to the “,,,even cut my penis off for you” line, it’s a classic!

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