Microsoft Zune reportedly dead in the water

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According to Dina Bass, Technology Reporter for Bloomberg, a source tells her Microsoft will not be producing any more models of the Zune.This is due to a lack of demand in the music player. Microsoft will now focus their efforts on Zune software rather than hardware. The software is currently being used in Microsoft’s flagship products, from the Xbox 360 to Windows Phone 7 and also as PC/Mac software. Existing Zune hardware will continue to be sold. The company have declined to comment on this claim, saying their “strategy is focused on the whole Zune ecosystem”.

It’s not much of a surprise really. Both iterations of the Zune hardware have never really fared well against Apple’s monopoly on the music player market, and it’s true that the software side of the Zune has done better. Besides, Windows Phone 7 seems to be doing pretty well so far and since Zune is available on that, it makes good business sense for Microsoft to focus on that instead. Maybe the Zune will have done better if they’d sold it outside of the US and Canada!

Source: Bloomberg

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