Alan Smithee

Microsoft to Bank on Kinect

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Guess there’s some serious money in them thar hills when it comes to motion controllers. The Microsoft Interactive Entertainment boss, Don Mattrick has recently told the New York Times, that the Kinect will retail at a profit when it releases on November 4th in the US and on the 10th in Europe.

That’s right, Microsoft has managed to set a price point for the $150 accessory and shovelware system that will guarantee that each unit sold will snag some cash for the big ol’ MS. Considering that MS is about to spend about half of a billion dollars on advertising. Yes, that’s right about $500,000,000 dollars will be spent on advertising this piece of plastic.

I hope they are successful in this venture, but I personally don’t think it’ll do well for them at all considering the EyeToy for the PlayStation had marginal success and that’s what I think this thing will be…just another glorified Xbox camera.

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