Microsoft rewards their loyal

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Well, maybe rewards is the wrong word. Microsoft is going to rape you less, if you let them rape you. Yeah, that’s more like it.  Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade is currently in it’s 2nd week, with three more left to go. Splosion Man kicked things off, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 came out today, which means that Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, Trials HD, and Shadow Complex have yet to come. And if you buy all 5 of these terrific games, you get 800 Microsoft Points added to your account.

This is a really clever marketing ploy, and while it’s better than Microsoft not giving you jack shit, it’s really not as great as it seems. Let’s break it down for a sec. Splosion Man is 800 Microsoft Points, and the rest of the games weigh in at 1200. So, even IF this was a discount, instead of a bonus, if you didn’t want any one of those games EXCEPT Splosion Man, it wouldn’t be worth it to buy all 5, since you would still be paying 400 Microsoft Points for an XBLA game you didn’t want. If you wanted every game except Splosion Man, then it would be worth it to just buy Splosion Man, because it would be free. But all that hypothesizing presumes that this would be a discount, except it’s not. They are giving you 800 extra, additional Microsoft Points. And guess how much most XBLA games cost these days? 1200 Microsoft Points. Which means…you gotta buy more Points.

So, after it’s all said and done, thanks Microsoft, but unfortunately, no thanks.

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