Alan Smithee

Microsoft Looking to Spend $1 Billion on B&N’s Nook

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dr evil 2Not only has Nook recently added the Google Play store to their Android powered tablets, they’ve also become relics!

Tis true, Nook has decided to quit making hardware in lieu of having their content being accessed through apps that will be downloaded to third-party hardware. Read that last sentence as exactly what Kindle has done with their application.

So what is the tech giant Microsoft to do? Kindle has their Fire tablets, Apple has their iSeries with iBook, and MS has Surface with no proprietary app for book purchases. Well in typical MS fashion, they plan on dropping a cool billion onto Barnes and Noble in the hope that they’ll give up the ghost when it comes to the Nook.

I get what they’re trying to do, but I think like their entrance into the smartphone industry, that they’re a bit late in being there from day one. This isn’t to say that the market is already saturated enough as it is because there are always in-roads to any industry, however they’ll have to fight tooth-and-nail for each user they carve away from the other services.


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