Alan Smithee

Microsoft, In Court Again…

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Uh oh, you mean Microsoft CAN be sued successfully? Well at least that’s what Peter Hochstein and Jeffrey Tenenbaum are hoping. You see, when the two men dreamed up an idea for communicating to each other while playing the same game in different locations back in 1991, they quickly filed a patent for the idea. Three years later, they received their patent.

Flash forward a decade to the beginnings of the ‘next-gen’ gaming experience (that we’re currently enjoying), turns out that neither Microsoft nor Sony paid the two men for the the rights to their genius.

What to do when corporations won’t pay out for your ideas?!? You get on the phone with your lawyer and you sue! It’s the American way. Sony, hoping to avoid a long and drawn out court battle against the two settled out of court this April, which leaves MS as the sole defendant listed.

If it’s bad enough to spook Sony into paying up, then I think Microsoft might end up paying through the nose when all’s said and done.


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