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Microsoft Hires Jason Holtman

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You may read that name and say “Who the f*ck is that and why should I care?” Well ladies and gentlemen, you should if you like PC gaming and Valve.

I honestly don’t expect that you’ll know who Mr. Holtman is, but suffice it to say that working 8 years with Valve making their software an amazing store and platform for PC gaming…I mean I’m not even a huge gamer anymore but I still buy games off of Steam during sales.

He started working for Microsoft this week in the hopes that the software/hardware giant can turn their dismal PC gaming platform “Games for Windows Live” back into something more tangible and magnificent.

Since there are already Xbox 360 games that can are designed to run on computers and the launch of Windows 8 and its built-in games store, the market is poised for good ol’ MS to make a comeback into the land of PC gaming.

Valve, sensing something like this was on the way has prepared itself for the oncoming battle by distancing themselves from the Windows environment by readying itself to run on Linux and Mac and have stated their willingness to enter the console war with the Steam Box.

With more competition comes better deals for the consumer in my opinion, so this is a good thing, but I sincerely believe that if they (MS) screw this up, they might as well bid adieu to attempting to join the PC gaming crowd for some time.

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