Microsoft Hates the PC: Alan Wake Console Exclusive

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Well it’s official, Microsoft only loves the PC for selling Windows. That’s right, the makers of the most-used operating system in the world, is calling it quits on getting Alan Wake, one of the biggest Survival/Horror/Action games of the year, to the PC.

In a statement by a Microsoft spokesman

“Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen. We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience “Alan Wake” was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive. Both Microsoft and Remedy have long histories in PC game development. This decision was about matching this specific game to the right platform.”

Originally thought to be released on PC following an Xbox release, it went from being a “TBA” game to “Yeah not happening.” For a company that seems to love their Windows, they sure seem to discourage game development for it.

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