Jill Seale

Microsoft Entering the “Freemium” Biz with Dungeon Fighter Online

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Do not battle dungeons, lest ye become a dungeon.

Nexon has announced that its free-to-play 2D brawler, Dungeon Fighter Online, will be making a big splash onto Xbox Live Arcade worldwide in eight languages. If Microsoft doesn’t get cold feet about it before it’s release, it will be the first free downloadable title that XBLA has ever offered. Of course, you’ll be rewarded for shelling out money on the game with exclusive, pay-only items.

It’s a tried and true payment model by now, one that Nexon has been successful with so far. Add that to the fact that Dungeon Fighter is already an established title, and Microsoft/Nexon stand to make a good bit of money off of the first freemium game to hit Xbox.

I played the game while it was in beta, and a bit after beta, and the only gripes I had with it was that the keyboard controls were a bit shaky and that the freemium pay model breeds very grind-heavy games. Here’s hoping that they can clean up the controls enough to make it worth grinding it out.


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