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Microsoft Embraces Kinect Homebrew with SDK

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While the current Kinect library is, to put it lightly, less than stellar, there is one group that always kept us in high hopes of the device: the homebrew community. These hardware hackers risked scrutiny and potential legal action from Microsoft to show us just what the “glorified webcam” could do. That is, until now.

Microsoft has now released a beta version the official software development kit free for educational and hobbyist use. The SDK offers access to all the sensor stream data, skeletal tracking, and audio features that the Kinect has available without all those messy hacking workarounds. Just make sure your computer is in or near a giant empty room.

Curious parties with knowledge in either C++, C#, or Visual Basic can visit the official Kinect SDK website for all the necessary drivers, APIs, and documentation. As to be expected, this development kit is Windows only.

For a idea of just what this Kinect SDK can do, Microsoft has provided the following video:
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