Ryan Wilson

Microsoft Can’t Stop the Mod

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As much as Microsoft would like to prevent it, you just can’t stop it. If you throw a piece of new technology in front of a technologically savvy person, they will try to push its ability. While sometimes the actions of the modder are legally questionable acts of piracy (which apparently Microsoft can’t handle either), some just want to see what the hardware can do. Like this guy:

Yes, he modified the Kinect to make himself appear invisible. The method he uses to do this are rather ingenious. He’s taken the silhouette produced by Kinect of his body, and replaced it with a screenshot of the empty background, producing an effect that would leave Arnold Schwarzenegger dashing towards the nearest helicopter.

Instead of fighting these modders, I think Microsoft should be hiring them. They’ve obviously got a better handle on the hardware then they do (if the mediocre scores of released Kinect titles are evidence enough).

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