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Microsoft Acquires Gears of War from Epic Games

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Gears of War

I was hoping to stave off buying an Xbox One for quite some time (who knows maybe indefinitely) but there was an announcement regarding the future rights of the Gears of War series being owned by Microsoft. That one announcement moved me closer to wanting one over a PlayStation 4 than anything I have read so far about the two systems.

You might recall that Microsoft bought the rights to Halo from the people at Bungie and brought the development in-house under the 343 Industries studio which had great success with the launch of Halo 4. The same can now be said with the existing and future games, entertainment experiences, and merchandise regarding the series Gears of War which I can now say is formerly owned by Epic Games.

Development for new GoW games will fall under the Vancouver based subsidiary of Microsoft Studios, Black Tusk Studios. No new games have been announced but its a safe bet that MS doesn’t blow cash on obtaining rights to a game to let it languish. There is set to be more news about this venture later in the year according to the general manager of Black Tusk, Hanno Lemke.

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