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Michael Bay’s TMNT Movie Turtles and Shredder Revealed?

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The Internet imploded with cries of agony from the multitude of fanboys that were either cheering the new/updated look of the Ninja Turtles and Shredder or crying out in agony as their childhood was ‘ruined’. Those in the latter category, grow the fuck up, it’s a movie about Teenage Mutant Turtles who happen to be Ninja trained by a giant rat. You’re the same people who shat on the awesome G.I. Joe movies and the Transformer movies.
ninja turtles

I personally like the updated look of the turtles themselves, they look less cartoony and more realistic and actually properly muscular rather than blank action figure shaped. Each turtle looks very distinct from one another and of course my favorite, Leonardo is the best looking of the bunch. As for Shredder, instead of a small skinny Asian guy in a suit that envelops the actor he looks evil and rather mean.

Like everything else, I always say to hold off judgment until the movie comes out which thankfully is only as far out as August of this year.

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