Miami Connection: High Kicking It’s Way Into Theaters 25 Years Later

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Earlier this year The Alamo Draft House in Austin Texas showed the first reel of a movie they bought for a measly $50. Just to give you an idea of how cheep that is, most 35mm prints go for thousands of dollars, even the bad ones. This movie “Miami Connection” from 1987 had only ever in it’s history been viewed by a few hundred people. There was never a Beta-Max,VHS, or DVD release of this film. In fact, it showed in less than a dozen theaters on it’s original theatrical run. The Alamo Draft House had no clue that they just got the bargain of a lifetime. Theater goers that night enjoyed it so much that the Alamo Draft House played it again, and actually obtained the rights to re-release this beauty of a film. That’s right! On December 11th, 2012, a mere 10 days before the apocalypse, you can own your own copy of Miami Connection on DVD, VHS, or Digital Download. But beware, if you want a VHS copy you must act fast because they only made available 400 copies.

So whats so great about this film? How about the fact that it may just beat Plan 9 From Outer Space as the worst movie of all time. Writer, producer, co-director, fight choreographer, and star of Miami Connection, Y.K. Kim, thought it  wise to cast all of his Tae Kwon Do students in the film. A cast of many, and not a single one an actor. How could it go wrong? Well wait until you hear about the plot. But before I get to that,  lets talk a little bit more about this movies origins. Y.K. Kim, a Korean immigrant, Tae Kwon Do instructer and motivatial speaker living in Orlando was approached in the mid-eighties to make an action movie. With all his heart and soul he made Miami Connection. He even took it to Cannes in hopes to pick up distribution for his masterpiece. After being laughed at repeatedly and told to throw his film away, he came home with a broken spirit and let his film wither away into obscurity. Twenty-five years later when the Alamo Draft House called him asking about rights to the film, Y.K. Kim thought it was a cruel joke and it took a lot to convince him that his movie was a hit with audiences.

A group of best friends/black belt college students, who practice Tae Kwon Do by day, and play in a new wave band called Dragon Sound by night find themselves targeted by a gang of  cocaine dealing motorcycle ninjas. There are several major fight scenes and an epic final showdown. Did I mention Dragon Sound only sings songs about friendship and Tae Kwon Do? The amount of cheese in this movie will have you laughing till your face muscles hurt, and have you repeating lines for weeks. Not to mention, this movie contains a fair amount of gore, and violence.

If this movie comes to your town, watch it! If not you can, preorder a copy here for only $10. While you’re there you can check for screenings near you, and download two of Dragon Sounds epic masterpieces for free!

My rating quality-wise 2 out of 10

My rating fun-wise 9 out of 10!

Watch it with friends and laugh!

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