MGS, ZOE and Silent Hill all getting the HD treatment

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At their pre E3 conference last night Konami announced three new HD collections for PS3…and Xbox 360. (Latter not confirmed for Silent Hill)

Something something nanomachines

Through Mega 64, the “Transfarring” system was revealed, which is Kojima’s made up name for being able to transfer a PS3 game save onto PSP and vice versa so that you can continue a save on the go. The first game to support it will be Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and funnily enough, the MGS Collection includes that game, as well as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which was later confirmed to be the Subsistence version. Of course that transfarring jargon doesn’t apply to the Xbox 360 versions but it marks the first time MGS3 and Peace Walker are on an Xbox console (MGS2 was available on the Original Xbox). You might notice the first game is missing. That could be because the game is already on PSN, but then that still sucks for 360 owners unless it’s coming to XBLA. The MGS Collection will be available in November.

ZOE (Zone Of The Enders) was also confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the video (In “1080p”) and that will quite rightly contain both games. Still no ZOE 3 for the fans who want it, but I’m sure a HD collection will be welcome nontheless. That comes out in 2012.

As for Silent Hill Collection, that will contain Silent Hill 2 and 3, with Silent Hill probably absent because it’s on PSN and Silent Hill 4 absent for no solid reason. It was literally just an announcement though, so hopefully there are some more details at the actual E3 event. There’s also an exclusive Silent Hill game coming to Sony’s NGP, although nothing was revealed for that either.

Konami is sure going crazy with those collections. And Nanomachines.

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