Ryan Thomason

MGM Digitally Reworking Enemies in ‘Red Dawn’

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Even the Wolverines didn’t see this dumb new angle coming.

Because of fears that the worlds largest growing market for the entertainment industry might not approve of the film, MGM has digitally taken out everything that resembled China, and substituted in the most toothless excuse for an invading army ever.

North Korea. Yes. Those guys who can barely keep their people fed, and have a pile of crap for a military, are now going to be digitally brushed in as the new bad guys for this movie. The filmmakers now are digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols from “Red Dawn,” substituting dialogue and altering the film to depict much of the invading force as being from North Korea, an isolated country where American media companies have no dollars at stake. How convenient! Most of us didn’t want to really see this movie anyways, and I think this will be the nail in the coffin for most of us. Even though the Russians invading was entirely stupid in the original Red Dawn, the North Koreans just makes MGM look like an even bigger pile of derp. This already overly delayed movie I doubt will ever see the light of day now.

The “Red Dawn” remake follows several teenagers in Spokane, Wash., who fight invading Chinese North Korean forces allied with Russia in the near future (in the original film, the Soviets partnered with Cubans). The roughly $60-million production stars Chris Hemsworth, who you guys all know will be seeing this May when he plays Thor.

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