Alan Smithee

Metroid Prime Trilogy = Hotness

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Honestly, I had no excitement for the Metroid Prime games being re-released on the Wii because I thought that they’d simply just be released with some waggle added. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be nice to have the same controls we were given in Metroid Prime 3, but what really just sold me is that the series has been given a bit of a touch up and will be released in 16:9 aspect. That’s all I needed to hear and is reason enough for me to want it…the ones I have on the Gamecube always seemed a bit too claustrophobic.

The box art was released today, and while it’s nothing spectacular to look at, the Collector’s edition (you know, the metal one) is pretty sexy looking..and has me glad that I waited this long to add Metroid Prime 3 to my collection.

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