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Metal Gear Remake…Maybe?

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I want to hear Evan Burkey's impression of solid snake saying "metal gear" over and over again.

Kojima had an interview with Kotaku recently about many things, but the one thing that many of us gaming whores are picking up on is the statement he had about doing a remake of the original Metal Gear, which appeared on the MSX2 waaay back in 1987 when I was a mere lad of seven.

From the interview, it appears that Kojima is ambivalent towards a remake, but I’d say is more of humility and humbleness.

“It doesn’t have to be me who makes it. I made it a long time ago. It could be somebody young that maybe has more abilities than I do….It would even be good if a foreign production team even did it.”

Let’s face it, the man is just busy. Between all of the other Kojima productions coming out and the role he’s taken to help Castlevania make a comeback on the consoles…he just doesn’t have the time to go back and reboot his series, or does he?

We already know that when Peacewalker comes out for the PSP we’re going to see the inclusion of Master Miller from Metal Gear 2 (another MSX2 game). So I’m thinking that it’s planned already that they’ll eventually catch up to the MGS storyline in about a decade, after they’ve sufficiently milked the Big Boss games for all they’re worth.

If Kojima Productions isn’t going to be doing the reboot themselves, I’d love to see the guys from Retro Studios get their hands on it (even though they’re wholly owned by Nintendo these days). If not them, then the crew from Naughty Dog, because they’re one of the few companies I feel that I can trust with my entertainment. What say you all, who would you like to see head up the development of the original Metal Gear?

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