Meta #4

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Again, I am happy to be reading a comic by Ted McKeever.  Meta 4 #2 is out today.

I know today that you can go into any comic book store and find non-superhero comics.  It is pretty easy.  However, when I read my first Ted McKeever comic back in the late 80’s, comic book stores were just taking off and 7-11’s everywhere still sold comic books.  Ted McKeever’s unique style married to a cape-less story blew my mind.

Now, just over twenty years later, even with all the different comic books you can buy that do not have superheroes, I am still excited by a Ted McKeever book.

What that book is exactly is not an easy topic.  Last time I mentioned the guy in the space suit–now I know he may be on Coney Island or on the moon.  I also mentioned Santa Claus was in the story–she is a tatoo artist.  There is still the police story in the background–now they are calling in the swat though.

And no, I do not know what the metaphor is…

Who cares.  This is the second issue, three more to go.

Bottom Line:  $3.50/$3.50

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