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Merlin’s 5th and Final Season “Arthur’s Bane, Part 1”

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Who knew Knights of the Round Table also made great shirtless miners? Obviously, Morgana did.

Arthur, Merlin, Gwen & Gaius

I’ve watched the first episode of this last season of the BBC hit Merlin, legally, this is the US cut that will be premiering on SyFy, Friday, January 4th. Let’s just say, if the entire season is like this episode, you better prepare yourself for a joy ride. I’m keeping everything spoiler free for those of us that live in the US and somehow managed to not read any UK blogs, or download episodes through piracy, those of us with patience. Since the series already showed over there and has been over for a while, it pays to lay off temptation. Arthurs Bane, Part 1 sets the bar pretty high for this final season. The scenery is breathtaking, everything looks polished and the sets are wonderful. Everyone is on top of their game when it comes to the acting, the story line is interesting and is giving a lot of characters a new chance to shine. You won’t be let down if you’re a fan of Merlin, if you haven’t been watching the show, you truly are missing out.


Gwen is a Badass Queen

You know what always bugged me? There was always some entirely obvious person who was the traitor that nobody could see but was so in your face trumpets blaring but everyone ignored the signs. Well, lets just say that in this first episode someone betrays Camelot, Guinevere is the only one around to deal with the issue. She gets a confession, calls the person a traitor and sets them up for execution. Cue sitting down in her throne afterwards looking awesome. She’s done more in the first episode than what would normally take Arthur a whole season to figure out.

No more mocking banter between Arthur and Merlin?

It’s been 3 years in Camelot since the events of the last season unfolded. Camelot is in the infancy of it’s Golden Age. Apparently Arthur has a tad more respect for Merlin and the usual mockery and banter is gone. I’m glad, it was getting overdone, and as much as Merlin saved Arthur’s ass, well, the ones he knew about the guy deserves some respect. I’m wondering when Merlin is going to reveal his true self, I hope it’s not until the end of the season.

Morgana likes shirtless Knights

So, Morgana is looking for a key to power, in the castle of Ismir, a winter wasteland. The key is beneath the castle somewhere, so, why not mine for it? Who’s working? Well, Gwaine and Percival, plus 60 other captured knights, she makes everyone mine (topless) and sleep in the mine (again, topless). Maybe Morgana has a fetish? Regardless, Gwaine gets a mysterious visitor, that glows, and is the weirdest looking creature they’ve put in the show yet. Katie McGrath continues her solid showing as Morgana, everything about the character oozes creepy revenge driven half sister that wants to murder you, McGrath is amazing at it, I love it.

I don’t want to say too much, as the season continues on, I’m sure I’ll slip and give some spoiler-iffic reviews, but really I want you to enjoy the show like I just did. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next two episodes (Thankfully, I have the advance copies, /evil cackle/) I’ll be filling you in on the show week in and out, lets enjoy this final season together!

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