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Merlin, The Series Finale

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Yeah. This show has been over on the BBC since back around Christmas time. But, I like to watch Merlin as it airs on SyFy here in the states. The Series Finale happened over the weekend and while I’m sad the show is all wrapped up, I’m happy with the experience I’ve had over the past few years.

merlin series finale

It is hard to summarize my feelings about this episode. We got all of the elements that we had been waiting for. Arthur moving forward with his destiny, the epic final battle with Morgana, Merlin revealing himself to Arthur and Merlin realizing his full potential. All in an hour setup. The battle conclusion where a vengeful Mordred takes the sword made in dragon flame (I called it Excalibur Part 2) into the fight and manages to stab Arthur with it.

There is just so, so much to say about the episode that even after giving myself all these extra days to think about it all I can come up with is how this series as a whole has been fulfilling. We all know the story of King Arthur and Merlin, this take on it was well done and perfectly executed. After going the whole series despising magic, hunting down those that use it, Arthur is blown away that Merlin is a sorcerer. Though, with the friendship that they had built over the years (maybe Arthur being near death helped) Arthur comes to terms with who Merlin really is. His Friend, His Adivsor, is…idiot servant. Thankfully he apologized for all the mean stuff he did over the years.

Gah, I still have some kind of fleeting hope that this show isn’t really over, that I’m dreaming. But, like Merlin in the final scene, as he was walking through modern day Briton on a paved road. Walking past the crumbled tower of Avalon, surrounded by the lake where he put Arthur to rest. I have to move on too, accept that the journey of the Once and Future king is never truly over, that it will always go on as long as we talk about it. Or, as I will do, let my kids watch the DVD’s when they’re a bit older.

Merlin has been a great ride, crossing over originally from the BBC onto NBC, getting the axe here until finding it’s home on SyFy to finish out the series. If you want a show with solid writing, acting, and beautiful scenery as a young Merlin finds his craft, his destiny, and builds his love for Camelot. This adaption of Merlin is it. Come, join me in Camelot, let’s explore this world together.

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