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Merlin: The Death Song of Uther Pendragon, Review

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Well, talk about making a comeback. Uther is unleashed from the spirit world, and well, he’s none too happy.

Uther on Throne

This episode airs Friday, January 18th on SyFy Channel, we received an advance copy of the episode for review purposes

Arthur is a wee bit sad, it’s the day when his father passed and Arthur became king. Like everyone who’s had someone taken away from them, he longs to say some last words. So, when a horn that can take you to the spirit world to talk to someone you lost, Arthur wastes no time in summoning dear old dad.

Except, Uther thinks his son is doing a terrible job, telling him that, none too kindly. People don’t fear him, Arthur married for love of a servant girl, made common men knights. Things that wouldn’t have flown in Uthers time, so, Dad’s a little pissed off. When Arthur looks back as the veil is closing, he unknowingly releases Uther’s spirit into the real world.

Uther ReturnsThus, you get an episode of lots of loud bumps, dramatic music, dramatic “I’m just going to pop in here real quick to scare you”, dramatic…axes flying off of shelves. Essentially, Camelot is haunted by Uther, and he’ll stop at nothing to rid Camelot of what he think is wrong, even his own son. So, it was great when Arthur found the courage to put his fathers words aside and believe in himself that what he is doing is right to get his father the hell out.

Lastly, has close was that to Merlin’s secret being revealed to Arthur? Uther screaming “Merlin is…” and Arthur cutting him off by banishing Uther back. The big reveal has to happen at some point, but seriously are they going to drag it out all season long until the series finale?

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