Meet the New Ultimate Spider-Man!

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Come and meet the new Ultimate Spider-Man!

For those who haven’t been following the Ultimate line of comics over the last few months, you might be surprised to hear that its premier hero Ultimate Spider-man/ Peter Parker recently died in an event called “The Death of Spider-Man”.

While this should be surprising no one, the title of Spider-man will live on in the Ultimate universe. The legacy will be succeeded by a previously unmasked character who was inspired to do good by the works of the original Spider-man.

While we have only to this point seen brief glimpses of the new kid climbing, breaking up a fight and then mildly unmasking to reveal the fact that he’s black, we have yet to really see who he is, or his face. The leading speculation is that the Ultimate version of Ben Reilly (who is black, and not a clone) would take over, as he was last seen creating Spider-man clones from his blood. However these guesses couldn’t be closer to wrong.

So without further ado meet the New Spider- Man of the Ultimate universe…

Miles Morales!

Miles is a Half Black- Half Hispanic young-in with a hankering to do good in the neighborhood. While we don’t know much about him, or his background yet, I am incredibly excited to see where this goes.

Some will say that the move to make the new spider-man Black AND Hispanic is a move in poor taste, with it being forced diversification overkill, I kind of like it. While it is obvious that this is a move to garner some publicity, I think with a more diverse character background you can do a lot of new and interesting things with the character. After all it worked with the third Blue Beetle.

All in all before people start to throw pitchforks at this entire event as exploitative, and scream that Peter Parker is the one true Spider-Man, I want you to look at it this way. It was the words of writer Brian Michael Bendis that really sold me on the event, he compared the death of Peter to the death of Uncle Ben, that his death could be a catalyst to inspire good, and truly teach someone the meaning of with great power comes great responsibility. I think when you look at it that way Spider-man becoming a legacy hero is in a lot of ways rather poetic, and logical.
If you still don’t like it though, you can always chalk it up to the Ultimate universe being the Ultimate universe.

Miles Morales swings into the new run of Ultimate Spider-Man beginning in September, after the current Ultimate Fallout story line is complete. ‘Til then, I will catch you later true believers!

Final Thoughts

– I sincerely hope they don’t screw this up.
– I wonder when he’ll have a dream battle or something with Peter Parker
– If he hooks up with MJ… obligatory once you go black jokes shall ensue.
– If only he could cross over with Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes.

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