Meet Jaap, The World’s Oldest Battlefield Player [Video]

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I want to believe this man is real, but he seems too awesome to be true.

IDelta Gamer has posted up an interview with the man who claims to be the “Word’s Oldest Battlefield Player”, but whether he’s the real deal, or a marketing ploy by EA to advertise their new game. You might have heard of it, it’s this title by this really small development group. You know, the one with the hundred million dollar advertising campaign behind it.

Either way, it’s nice to see older folk enjoy some good ol’ video games. My own father purchased his own Xbox 360 so he could play FIFA on his 46″ Sony. So at the very least, there might be some truth to this mythical man who wishes to “kill them all”.

Marketing ploy or not, it’s a pretty interesting video. If you wish to read the interview, hit up the link at the bottom and read away.[DeltaGamer]

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