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Meet Gears of War 3’s “Beast Mode”

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logo screens are so easy to find

Epic is good at making a few things, first and foremost is their ability to make meaty men fight meaty enemies and gib the hell out of each other. They’ve got that down in spades. What I really enjoy is how they keep adding stuff on top of the excellent single player experience (yeah I said it, excellent).

The new videos today features the game’s new “Beast Mode” wherein you play as various Locust members in an effort to destroy the CoGs. Man, it looks to be hella fun. Sure, it might just be more of the same that we got in Gears 2, but damnit I really enjoyed that game.

If you can’t see the video for some reason, it’s essentially what the Single Player experience would be if you were playing as the locust, you get to play as so many of the enemy units that the replay value will be there for certain. For instance you get to play as the bug bomb things, boomers, the predator looking dude, the locust priest, a regular grunt, and hopefully a berserker…that would be awesome.

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