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Meanwhile in the Lost Bizarro World…

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This is how I'd cast these roles, going from left to right, Jack, Jin, and Claire.

I’m sure there are some of you people out there that have all of the DVD / Blu-ray copies of every season of Lost in your grubby hands right now…you won’t find this that interesting. This is mainly for those of you who are fans of the show but not the fringe fans that take vacations to Hawaii to see the locations they shot the show in.

Have you ever wondered how wierd the show would be if any of the characters we’ve all grown to love in the past few years, were actually playing different characters? Can you even begin to imagine how the role of Sawyer would have played out if it was cast to Jorge Garcia (Hurley) or even Michael Emerson (Ben Linus)?

Yeah…neither can I, but at least we can see what it’d be like thanks these YouTube videos.

Hurley as Sawyer

Ben as Hurley

Chah-lee as Sawyer

Eerie isn’t it? But wait, theres one more that I want to share with you before moving on to more media, this one is going to blow your mind…

Sawyer as Sawyer

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