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McAvoy Cast as Professor X in First Class

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It’s official, Fox has officially signed James McAvoy (Wanted, Last King of Scotland) to play Charles Xavier in their upcoming X-Men: First Class film being directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass). Call me crazy, but I thought that there were two X-Men movies were headed our way, I had no idea that First Class was going to be the Prof. X / Magneto prequel.

But wait, there’s MORE! Bryan Singer who has been, according to fans, murdering the X-Men franchise (except X2) has decided to focus on another movie with Warner Bros. and leave the X-Men prequel to someone who’s capable of making a great comic movie adaptation, Matt Vaughn I mean.

Even the story penned and pitched by Singer will be getting a rewrite thanks to the writers of Marvel’s next blockbuster superhero movie, Thor. Personally, I’d like to see who they cast as my favorite antagonist Magneto, because I thought the chemisty between McKellen and Stewart was magical, and for a movie like this where it delves into the friendship that Charles and Erik formed before developing differing philosophies, it’s going to mean everything.


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