Max’s Vinyl Trip: The Start

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record player

I’m kind of a freak when it comes to my hobbies, they’re always weird by other peoples’ standards. One of my hobbies is collecting games. The greatest problem with collecting stuff is that it makes my money disappear. Whenever I get any money, I spend it within a day. With that being said, my newest hobby is collecting vinyl.

I don’t collect vinyl for it’s rarity. I don’t care about how rare a record is, I just want the music no more, no less.

The way I got in to vinyl is a story of attraction, and total luck.

It was the day before my birthday; I was going to the guitar store to get some strings and look at some amplifiers as I was planning on getting into guitar seriously. I was in the tram to the guitar store, but this was a one that I had never been on because I was coming from the other side of town. It was then I saw it, a huge conglomeration of stores that engulfed 5 consecutive stores called Concerto.

I was attracted to one of the stores that said “2nd-Hand CDs”. I got out of the tram right away and backtracked to the store. I looked at the CDs, there were a lot of them. I picked up Nirvana’s Nevermind and The Best of Stone Roses and was going to the clerk to buy the CDs when I saw a sea of vinyl.

“Ah, why not? I’ll have a look.” I said to myself.

I was surprised, all of my favorite records were there. I needed them so badly. I ended up buying my CDs and left to come back another day.

I was intrigued so I looked on the Dutch version of craigslist and saw a whole stereo set for 65 euros, I called the guy and I could pick it up that same day. I got in the car with my dad, and we left. It was -6 C (21 F) outside and snowing so I remember it well (even though it was 4 weeks ago). The stereo included the following: 7 speakers, a giant subwoofer, a receiver with dolby surround, a tape deck, and a record player. For 65 Euros, this made it an excellent deal.

first albums

It was now time for my first trip to the record store. I biked through the same snow storm to the store and started grabbing records and listening to them. I loved the feeling of it all. It was much more fun then listening to a CD at a store (as a DJ I have to agree -ED). Having to check the vinyl to see if scratches would affect the play, no buttons to push, it was just the needle where I wanted it, and no asking the guy if I could listen to it. It was all me.

I was all done listening and had the records I wanted stacked next to the demo player. These included: The White Album, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band both by the Beatles, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Funeral by Arcade Fire, and an album by The Ramones. They would be mine, all mine! I biked home like a little schoolboy and put them all on the stereo, this is when the addiction started.

My vinyl addiction probably won’t end any time soon, so I’m going to catalog my buys here and do a little review for them as well. If anyone has any recommendations email me or comment on one of these posts and I’ll look in to it. If I buy it you will of course get credited for the buy.

This is how my adventure starts, I want to discover as many kinds of music as I possibly can. Any help will be appreciated.

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