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Matrix Fans Should Seriously Watch Kaydara

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Let’s face it, after the first Matrix movie, the franchise seriously went downhill. If we were left with Neo doing his Superman routine after he made a phone call to the Matrix itself, I would have been just fine with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I still watched the ever-loving-hell out of the other two movies in the trilogy but neither of them lived up to the gold standard that the original created. The only one of the three that I’ll give a pass to is the second one because it didn’t have to deal with all of the story building we needed in the first film and was all killer with hardly any filler.

A whole gaggle of fans in France decided that there was more than enough of the Matrix universe to go out and make their own visually stunning fan film that weighs in at 55-minutes, that’s nearly an hour of amazing visuals and special effects that prove to me that fans can be just as good when making films but with a fraction of the budget.

The entire short is included below, but after you watch it here, make sure to go over to their website and give them some feedback.

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