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Mass Effect Movie? DO WANT!

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Blue Alien Sex in a Movie, YES PLEASE!!!

According to an article that I found on Gamespot in the UK. Avi Arad has optioned the rights to make a movie based on Mass Effect. This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a while because I was one of those wierdos that enjoyed this game completely.

Sure, Avi has optioned a whole bunch of other licenses in the past but this one just gives me a stiffy. I really hope that he decides to move forward with this. You can ask BigPopaGamer, we’re both completely nuts about this news. Especially since he made a blog in the past about who he thinks should be cast in main roles.

I don’t even care if the movie version is worse off than Wing Commander, it already has laid a claim to my hard earned money for a movie ticket, soundtrack, and Bluray. I’m such a whore. Let’s just hope that Avi’s other project Lost Planet does well with its David Hayter (Metal Gear?!?) script and its supposed 150-200 million budget.

Maybe then we can start seeing serious video game –> movie conversions, not the abortions like the new Street Fighter movie coming out this year. We’ll keep you postes as we hear anything.


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