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Mass Effect – Movie Announcement

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I got such a boner when I saw the Citadel for the first time.

Fans of Bioware’s epic science-fiction franchise are rejoicing worldwide as Warner Bros, Electronic Arts, Legendary Pictures, and Bioware have announced that a movie based on Mass Effect has been greenlit.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story set up in the games, first off…shame on you for missing such a good game, but here you go:

It is the year 2183 and humanity has grown prosperous over the years after their discovery of alien artifacts on Mars left by a race of aliens that disappeared thousands of years ago. The artifacts led us to discovering a “mass effect relay” orbiting around Pluto, which we mistakenly though of as Pluto’s moon Charon.

After travelling through the relay, a short-lived but fierce war occurred between the Humans and the Turians, which was quickly settled once it was discovered that the Turians were a member in a galactic ‘senate’ known as the Citadel Council whose members comprise that of many races in the known galaxy. race of A.I. creatures known as the Geth have been dormant for years, but are starting to encroach on the settled planets of the Alliance and are being led by an unknown enemy…

I don’t want to spoil any more of this great story, because you really don’t have any reason to not pick this series up. But it seems that the story will be mimicing the exact storyline of the first game. I just hope they keep the real aliens, alien looking and don’t cast Channing Tatum as Commander Shepard.

In fact, I hope they cast a lady lead and make her a lesbian like so many of us did when playing the game.

The screenwriter will probably be Mark Protosevich, the same dude who penned the upcoming Kenneth Brannaugh Marvel Comics movie Thor, and the Will Smith hit I Am Legend. Attached as producers we’ve got the two Arads (Avi and Ari), Jon Jashni, and Thomas Tull.

Many thanks to out Twitter stalker KeeperArtemus for the tip.

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