Mass Effect Anime Film Coming Next Summer

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Xopher is on the floor somewhere drooling. FUNimation and T.O. Entertainment are working with Bioware on a feature length anime film in the Mass Effect universe. It will be coming Summer 2012 (post Mass Effect 3). Mass Effect’s lead developer, Casey Hudson, is executive producer on the project. FUNimation are also currently in production of a Dragon Age film as well (due out this year). This isn’t to be confused with the Mass Effect film that Legendary Pictures are currently producing (that should totally have pantingtastic Matthew Fox as Shepard).

It only seems logical to give Mass Effect some anime loving. We’ve already seen books and comics so it’s just another way to expand the Mass Effect universe. There’s no word on the plot yet, so who knows if it will even feature Shepard in any way.

Source: Eurogamer

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