Ryan Wilson

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Explained

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When Mass Effect 3 was revealed to contain multiplayer, we held our tongues (and our expectations) until some real details emerged. Well, here they are!

For those too lazy to watch the video, here are some key points to take from it:

  • Multiplayer will be 4-player cooperative
  • Not only can you pick a class, but you can pick the race of your character
  • Multiplayer successes becomes part of the Shepard canon
  • Multiplayer appears to be more of squad based action missions than a story-driven RPG experience, so it’s very unlikely that dialog trees will be a factor in progress.
  • Single player experience has not been gimped as a result
  • Sorry, Bioware, but you did very little in convincing us that multiplayer was really needed for the series, even if the prospect of playing as a Krogan is somewhat appealing.

    Mass Effect 3, complete with tacked on multiplayer, comes out March 6, 2012 for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

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