Mass Effect 3 Gets A Lot More Bromantic

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After Lesbian Shepard being forever alone in Mass Effect 2, same sex relationships will return for Mass Effect 3, with the series finally embracing bros on bros. Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson tweeted over the weekend that there will be wider options for love interests in ME3 and that it will include same sex relationships for both female and male Shepards. The relationships will depend on how you interact with potential interests in the game.

The relationship aspect of Mass Effect has never really been that fleshed out, but it’s good I guess that they’re giving people options. I’ve always found it a little silly how quickly Shepard and his love interest can fall in “love” over the course of some non-romantic conversations and the actual “sex” scenes are laughable at the best. Still, I guess you can’t blame Male Shepard for wanting to bone Yvonne Strahovski before a suicide mission to stop the Collectors. In terms of the series itself, it’s always been ironic that the relationships in them are limited when the Dragon Age games have fully embraced both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Besides, if prepubescent boys are going to get their kicks from watching female Shepard get it on with a blue alien, who are Bioware to deny prepubescent girls the opportunity to fully explore the growing bromance between Male Shepard and Garrus?

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