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Mass Effect 3 – E3 Videos

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No, EA and BioWare didn’t show us what’s behind Tali’s mask, or anything amazing like that, but what they did provide was a brand spanking new trailer as well as eleven minutes of gameplay. I am so excite.

The trailer is your standard faire really, but the only thing about the series’ third game that bugs me is that they are facing a whole shitload of Reapers. Considering it took the combined forces of the Citadel to take out JUST ONE of them, don’t you think it’s going to be a lost cause.

I understand suspension of disbelief and good storytelling, I just don’t like getting plotholes in trailers.

Below you’ll find the huge chunk of gameplay which is interesting, but I’m going to avoid any gameplay trailers for this game until I have it in my hands…because I don’t want to be put off by something as trivial as the thermal clips in the second game.

The game is out on March 6, 2012.

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